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SANTA ROSA, OCTOBER 1, 2012 – After a great deal of success from her first album, Jen Tucker, a local singer and songwriter, is releasing her second collection, titled "Songs From the Bohemian Highway". To celebrate her latest album, Jen will appear at the Last Record Store in Santa Rosa for an in-store performance, Saturday, October 13 at 2:00 p.m.

Jen worked with Jackalope Records on her first album, and was thrilled for the chance to work together again. "We really got my process down, and I trust his input. He really knows how to fix things musically," Jen said about Doug Jayne from Jackalope.

"Bohemian Highway ranks with the best songs written about Sonoma County".
Jen Tucker at Barley n Hops. Photograph courtesy of Sterling Munksgard.

The inspiration for "Songs From the Bohemian Highway" is rooted in Occidental. The 2008 election provided the angst for songs like "Political Beer" and "End of Now" while Occidental itself inspired songs like "Bohemian Highway" "Humboldt Fog" and of course "Old Man Range". It is during that time, while playing at Barley n Hops, Jen redeveloped her music, wrote new songs and began building a solid fan base. Jen said, “Occidental is reminiscent of the town I would imagine as a kid when I listened to my dad sing "Alice's Restaurant" in its entirety."

Over the course of a few years Jen got to know the un-official town mayor of Occidental, Ranger Rick, and it was through their friendship the imagery came to life. Reminiscing about their conversations, Jen said, "The redwood trees spoke to Range, the town spoke to him, and he was passing that down to me, and I absorbed it." Ironically, as Jen was finishing up her second album, her good friend passed away, and so "Old Man Range" is a song she wrote for Ranger Rick's memorial service. Ranger Rick was also the one who advised Jen to take over Friday nights in Occidental, just as Nick Gravenities had in the past.

Kyle Martin, tavern owner Noah Bolmer and Kevin Cole at Barley n Hops.

Ranger Rick was also instrumental in connecting Jen Tucker with her future band mates, Kyle Martin and Kevin Cole. "Range came in one night and said he found a few guys playing down at the farmer's market that were perfect for my band. That was Ranger Rick, he was always trying to connect people in the community, if he liked you." The band formed in January of 2011 and began playing most Fridays at Barley n Hops. The band has gone on to play larger venues and record a third album together. "Playing in a band has been one of the greatest experiences of my life, there's absolutely nothing like it when you band hums like a finely tuned engine."

For her second album, Jen had an opportunity to work with Kyle Martin once again. "The 'Kid' is an amazing musician to work with. He single-handedly created the entire lead guitar melodies as well as all the rocking bass lines and magically transformed my music into a bigger sound," claims Jen. The two worked together on the first album with Doug Jayne and learned the process of recording. Martin discovered an old electric keyboard in Jayne's studio and suddenly translated the song "Huffy Bike" into a gospel tune that unleashed the soul of the song for this album.

Summer 2012, Jen Tucker performed at the Woody Guthrie 100th Birthday Jubilee in Railroad Square put on by the North Bay Hootenanny ringleader Josh Windmiller. Jen invited Windmiller to play banjo on the "Humboldt Fog" track for her latest album. The North Bay Hootenanny brings musicians together and provides a venue for them to showcase their music in events. They host events such as the Wednesday night "Pick Me Up Revue" at the Last Day Saloon in Santa Rosa, where Jen has performed in the past.

You can catch Jen's solo act, most Fridays during the Occidental Farmer's market, at Barley n Hops. The Occidental Farmer's market runs until the end of October. "It's a really great way to spend your Friday" said Jen.

Check out the Jen Tucker Band when they perform live at Bergamot Alley in Healdsburg, on Sunday, October 14, from 5:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

Oliver's Market Real Music Series

Jen Tucker at Oliver's MarketRead this article from Oliver's Web Blog written by Doug Jayne "Jen Tucker: Bohemian Highway".

Last Record Store

Celebrate the release of "Songs From the Bohemian Highway" with an in-store performance by Jen Tucker at the
Last Record Store
Saturday October 13th, 2pm.

1899 Mendocino Avenue
Santa Rosa, CA.