Jen Tucker Sonoma County


Occidental is a small town off the Sonoma coast where Jen Tucker performs at Barley n Hops on Fridays. If you can't make it out to Barley n Hops on a Friday night, then check out these videos recorded in March of this year.

"Old Man Range"
"Here In California"
"I Dreamed I Saw Joan Baez"
"Bar and the Beer"

Ranger Rick from Occidental

Jen Tucker celebrates the colorful life of Ranger Rick, Occidental's un-official Mayor and the official town greeter. Jen wrote a song for her friend titled "Old Man Range" "Every Friday when I was unpacking my gear Range would come by, tell me the latest news & sing me a coupla bars of this song he wanted me to write ...the psalms of the redwood trees" remembers Jen. "It's about the Occidental Journey. Ranger Rick considered the redwood trees to be supreme beings with stories to tell."

Click here to read an article Jen Tucker wrote about Ranger Rick.

Ranger Rick Occidental